Awesome resources for managing your business

Great tools that we love 

As a small company that provides outsource content creation and English learning services, we need tools that help us manage the company as best we can. These are the tools we use - and we highly recommend them!


A professional registry designed to support women in business.

Black and White Star in Circle


We've tried a bunch of project management tools, and ClickUp beat out all other options. An all-in-one project management tool that understands collaboration.


Fiverr is an awesme platform for selling and buying services online for freelancers and small businesses. We use Fiverr to help promote our business, and we provide most of our individual services there - CV edits, English services etc.


Customize swag easily and online. This cool site also integrates smoothly with Wix.


My possy and I sifted through loads and loads of similar apps for business management in Israel. We tried them all out. This is our choice - especially for management of work charged by the hour.